Root To Rise

Root To Rise

Jan 11, 2019 - Jan 13, 2019

The Lotus Pond

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Root to Rise; The Yoga of Being Grounded

Often the inward and outward practice of yoga gets segmented. The truth is, we work best when both are brought into our awareness. We are not linear, life isn't linear, things aren't only seen in black and white and the disciplines of going inward don't just stop on the meditation cushion.  

Based on the premise of “root to rise ” the journey into ourselves gives us an outward expression that is authentic.  It is at this juncture that we become intimately present for what is right here in the moment- in our bodies, our thoughts and our emotional presence. When we have the courage to truly go inward we receive freedom to  actively engage in the world around us. Even when that is difficult. 

Join Roger for this 3 day immersion to explore the connections between the subtle body, the intricacies of our physical anatomy and the incredible practice of Pratyahara. The weekend will include dynamic asana exploration, introspection and as always, laughter to take the edge off. 


Finding our roots
:  There are times in every yogi's life where the magic feels like it's gone or it's waning. Join Roger for an evening practice to fan the flames again. This session will take you on a journey from tuning into the deep inner well that never dries up, to the outward manifestation that comes when we are connected to that source of love and creativity. 

2.5 hour yoga practice focused on moving from the center.


Opening the Door:  Using the body and subtle layers of anatomy as a way to find connection with the yourself grounds consciousness in the very root of being.  Using the many practices of yoga— asana, breath, meditation— you will be invited to the doors to awaken a life that is satisfyingly diverse.  Once someone has the foundation of the asanas there is an opportunity to find even more depth.  Sometimes, even the smallest movement of the hip or pelvis can open up space to experience a posture in a whole new and exciting way. This session will give valuable tools in discovering the unique intricacies of your own body and mind.  Come curious and ready to dive in and play! 

3 Hour practice including dharma talk, meditation, and full asana practice.


The Courage to Go In:  Being present with the full range of ourselves is the gateway to deep awakening, satisfaction, joy, and living an honest life.  We all have secrets, a sinister side, times of great confusion, and moments when loneliness seems overwhelming.  This afternoon session will encourage you to sit, move, and breathe  with your self exactly who and where you are.

This session includes meditation, discussion, and very light movement


Bearing Witness: Pratyahara:  This fifth limb of yoga branches our inner and outer worlds and shows us how to move between the two of them. Pratyahara gives us skills for taking control- withdrawing from things that are detrimental for our thoughts, body and lives while also opening up fully to what is best for us. Participants will take time to see what's inside without the need for judgement and tend to compassion for themselves first and see how this can overflow into the world. This session will explore various methods of Pratyahara in meditation, pranayama, visualization and sensory awareness.

3 Hour practice including dharma talk, meditation, and full asana practice.


Rise Up:  Sometimes being in the world is difficult.  With all that’s going on both in our personals lives and in the world at large, how do we stay grounded and balanced when we are interacting with the world around us?  This final integration will help participants to reflect on what they've encountered during the immersion and offer tools to continue this practice for themselves and those surrounding their lives.