The Power of Presence

The Power of Presence

Jan 12, 2018 - Jan 14, 2018

The Lotus Pond | Tampa, FL

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There is an immense power in being present.  Recognizing how that impacts our lives and the world around us allows us to be more mindful of how we show up. Join Roger as he invites us to go deeper though storytelling, yoga practice, and his fearless inquires into self study and revelation. Together we'll explore being in the presence of the great mystery while standing beautifully in our own body.  How do you show up? For yourself, for others, in your own body, in your work, in your daily life?  This weekend workshop will explore all these details as we continue to explore what living yoga truly is.

*Please note this workshop includes sessions for the general public and some specifically for teachers. 

Friday.  6:30 - 9pm.
In The Presence of the Mystery

We open the weekend with a candlelight practice that invites us to open our hearts and minds as we stand together on the lip of the unknown.  It is here, in this place of marvel and awe, that we enter into a yoga practice that connects us to the true essence and power of being wholeheartedly our true self.  This all levels practice begins with storytelling and seamlessly leads us to our yoga practice on the mat.  Here we experience the union of heart, mind, and body.
(All Levels)

Saturday.  9am - Noon.
In The Presence of Flow

How you are present in a pose is just as important as the pose itself. Continue the adventure of cultivating presence through personal narratives, asana practice, pranayama and meditation.  In this practice you will flow mindfully and expressively through a series of postures to discover your hidden possibilities.
(All welcome.  Moderate / Level 2)

Saturday.  2 - 5pm (For Teachers)
The Power and Art of Storytelling

When used with confidence and purpose, storytelling is a tool yoga teachers can use to take asana to a deeper meaning for their students. Utilizing this art as an expansion of a class theme deepens the experience for students as well as adding some fun! This workshop will help teachers to understand the science of this craft including the chemical and hormonal responses of the body and brain. Roger will provide guidance on the methodology of storytelling, what makes a story "pop" and how to hold the attention of your students.
(No asana practice)

Sunday. 10am - 1pm.
In The Presence of Your Dharma

Inhabit your practice.  Inhabit your life.  Sense into the very nature of your own being and allow your unique shape, story, and abilty to sculpt how your show up on your mat.  In this session we explore dharma-- life purpose-- and find a practice that embodies your greatness, your quirks, and your beautiful asymmetrical body.
(All welcome.  Moderate / Level 2)

Sunday. 2 - 5pm.  (For Teachers)
Listening & The Art of Adjusting

Mark Nepo says ”We must honor that listening is a personal pilgrimage” As a yoga teacher even in the silence of a room your students are talking to you. Do you know how to listen to the subtle nuances of body language, energy, non-verbal communication? Teachers often instruct students to "listen to their bodies" but how do we create an understanding of what that really means for them and for ourselves?  When mirroring and verbal cues aren't enough, teachers have the opportunity to use assists to guide their students into safer poses or deeper expressions of the pose. Some hesitate to resource this technique because of fear of hurting a student or a lack of confidence in how to assist properly.  When adjusting becomes an extention of our ability to really listen then it becomes powerful and helps students to transform.
(No guided asana practice, but lots of hands on practice of assisting)