Queer Yoga Scholarship Program

Queer Yoga Scholarship Program

In Queer Yoga we believe Yoga is for everybody. But we also recognize that sometimes it isn't affordable for everybody.

We’ve all heard the benefits of yoga: body awareness, increased strength & flexibility, and a more peaceful mind. What queer yoga offers in addition is a safe space for LGBTQ folks to explore their body and spirituality in an inclusive, accepting space. Queer Yoga is more than just yoga. It's a community.

So many have expressed how deeply impactful being a part of this Queer Yoga community has been for them and this offers a chance to invest right into the community for others to be able to pull up a yoga mat next to yours!

The Queer Yoga Scholarship Program's purpose is to ensure that anyone who wishes to attend queer yoga, events and retreats in the community can do so. 

DONATION:  This scholarship program is made possible by donations*.  If you would like to contribute to the fund please click here.

APPLICATION:  If you would like to apply for a scholarship to attend Queer Yoga please message Roger at EMAIL to receive and application.  All applications and rewards are confidential.

*Sacred Tremor, Queer Yoga’s creator, is a for profit organization. Donations are acts of community kindness and not tax deductible at this time.