Personal Instruction

Personal Instruction

The practice of Yoga leads to transformation of the body, mind and spirit. Personalized sessions are a great investment in yourself, especially if you are: 

  • New to Yoga and interested in the basics
  • Want to go deeper in your practice
  • Want to develop a stronger and more disciplined home practice
  • Interested in increasing strength, flexibility, core stability and postural alignment

Sessions are modified to meet your specific needs to help you grow closer to your goals and evolve with the intentions you have set. Whether it’s increased flexibility and strength, core stability, a greater range of motion, physical alignment in the postures, stress relief, or ease of mind, these individual sessions will help move you forward in your practice.

Yoga is more than just a physical practice.  Meditation, breath work and the exploration of the mind and body together lead to personal evolution that lasts long after you have left the mat. With a strong background in the ancient yoga practices and theories, personal clients have the opportunity to expand their practice in a well rounded way to receive the benefits of stress relief, greater physical and emotional health and personal transformation. 

In Office 

Offering an introduction to yoga for your office is a fantastic way to bring energy and vitality to the work place. The benefits of taking a short break from your desk to stretch and breathe in a conscious, team-building format can sprout untold wonders for your co-workers and for any misalignments and sustained injuries you may have slowly acquired by sitting too long! Weekly sessions are also available at your office to keep you and your co-workers healthy and happy. Contact me for more information on how personalized yoga instruction can help you.