Queer Yoga Church

Queer Yoga Church

5:30pm - 6:30pm

1028 SE Water Ave #250

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There are many opportunities to practice yoga in Portland and many incredible places and people to do it with. And while it's hard to admit it, we still don't live in a world where sexuality and gender are fully accepted or where people who are LGBTQ can feel completely safe. 

Yoga invites us to a place of intimacy with ourselves. It's hard to do that in a space where you might be made to feel self conscious, ridiculed, aware you may make other people feel uncomfortable or weary of your own personal safety. Because of this, Queer yoga exists. To provide an atmosphere where all the other worries that make us shut down can fall away so we can open up to ourselves. This isn't to say that baggage doesn't come with us through the doors. It just means there's more space to unpack it. 

Come experience community. Come gather with others who share your desire- to let go of stress, to get strong and confident in our own skin and to be inspired by ourselves and each other. 

This class is open LGBTQ individuals as well as allies who value fostering a special home for Portland's Queer people.

Queer Yoga Scholarship!
In Queer Yoga Church we believe Yoga is for everybody. But we also recognize that sometimes it isn't affordable for everybody.  If you need financial assistant or would like to make a contribution please click here for MORE INFO.

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