Seeing the Rainbow

Nov 28, 2013
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During my year long stay at Easton Mountain Center a few years ago, I heard a talk by Harry Faddis, a leader and life coach, who said something that changed my life.  He instructed us to, "look for the rainbow in others."  He was talking about looking for the good, the awesome, the spark that makes each one of us unique. I've thought about that a lot since then, and I've tried to practice seeing the rainbow in others as much as possible.

If you want to be happy, joyful, successful, content, etc. then you have to see those qualities in others and in the world.  When we look at someone and see their goodness, their spark, and acknowledge how awesome they are, then they are more likely to shine that part of themself even brighter.  It's cyclical, and since we are energetic beings it becomes contagious.  In turn, that part of ourself gets acknowledged and turned on. Together, we become brighter because the brilliance between two people is in the space created between them.

The same is true for the opposite.  If we are judgemental, shaming, or negative to others then we bring out those qualities in them.  And then, like a boomerang, it comes back at us.

It's easy to be disgruntled with others and with the world. There are many people, environments, and even entire cultures that are damaged.  Sometimes, it takes a lot work to find the diamond.  This is not a denial that governments are corrupt, that global warming is changing our environment, that some people can be mean or rude, that the war machine marches on all over the planet.  This is a fundamental change in the ways in which we use the power of intention and insight to change ourselves and the world from the inside out.

Today, on this day of thanks, practice love and compassion, practice generosity and contentment.  Look for the rainbow in everyone you meet and see it especially in the people you love. Show them with your thoughts, words, and actions how you love them. Then recognize those qualities in yourself.  

Wishing you a rainbow of happiness on Thanksgiving!