Pranayama: Extend Your Life by Extending Your Breath

May 12, 2017
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Pranayama: Extend Your Life by Extending Your Breath | Jim Kambeitz | TEDxBismarck

Eight years ago Jim Kambeitz faced a choice: have another knee surgery or do yoga to heal and realign his joints properly. He had lost his ability to walk, so he knew that if he was to heal he’d need to commit to a serious daily practice. Months later, Jim was surprised to find that in addition to healing his knee to the point that surgery was no longer necessary, yoga transformed his life.

Jim enjoys sharing the healing power of yoga and meditation as a yoga teacher and filmmaker. He has spent much of the past 20 years traveling the world, learning languages and studying under gurus from India and Europe to Brazil. He earned his Masters in Film Theory at UND and studied cinematography at the Polish National Film School. Jim and his wife, Angie, have produced three yoga DVDs, including "Mysore Magic: Yoga at the Source," which is being distributed in over 60 countries. Their website is