Pledge of Love

Dec 20, 2012
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Photo by Roger McKeever

Pledge of Love
 -Roger McKeever

An invitation to a world-wide event has come across my radar. It is called: Three Days of Love; A Global Celebration of Love and Kindness. The pledge is simple, I commit to share words and actions of love on December 20, 21 and 22, 2012. I pledged my devotion to the cause. I made the commitment partly because I believe in putting more love out in the world, and partly cause it sounded sweet.

The pledge triggered something in me, though, and as the day went on I became aware of the ways in which I harbor negative thoughts, criticisms and judgements, and how they affect my interactions with the world. I noticed it looking at Facebook, at the grocery store, and just simply walking down the street. I even noticed it in yoga class.

So. I decided to give it a test run. What would it be like if I looked at people and the world at large with love and compassion, and then interacted from that place? No fake, new age bullshit. A real, honest love and compassion. First, I had to pay real attention to my thoughts, which is where our words and actions derive from. I had to decipher what was a negative thought and what was a real, healthy emotion.

This is a true story: As I was mulling all this over I was standing in line to buy a coffee. The two women in front of me were both debating about what kind of short fat tall skinny double edged latte they wanted. The one was on her phone and the other was asking lots of questions. I just wanted a small coffee to go. I was on my way to a yoga class. My impatience grew. A line formed behind me, and very quickly my exploration of love and compassion went out the window and got soaked in the rain. I think I thought of every judgement possible, and I started to create bad scenarios. Then I remembered my practice. I literally laughed out loud a little at myself. I consciously softened my face, which had grown tense, and I unclenched my jaw. I looked at them-- really looked at them, and I saw their humanity.

I'm not sure why, but she suddenly turned and looked at me. I had sweetness and honesty in my eyes. She said to me, "Oh my God. Look at us. We're holding up the line. Go ahead of us." Then she said to her friend, "Tell her you'll call her back."

Wishing everyone one a safe and love-filled holiday season. Remember to take a breathe, get to a yoga class-- you probably need it, and, by jove, DANCE!!

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