Part Two; The Turn Around

Dec 27, 2012
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Photo by Roger McKeever

Part Two; The Turn Around
 -Roger McKeever

The following is the second part to my last posting re: my pledge of three days of love and the two women who provoked all my judgements.  Read Part 1, as there is a real turn-around below in Part 2.

It was Friday, Winter Solstice, late morning.  I had just stepped off the bus and was heading to teach a yoga class at noon.  I was dressed in my rainy, winter Portland garb: hat, hoodie, coat, and striped scarf. Yoga Boogie was that night, Christmas was in a few days, and the world was engulfed in a maelstrom of chaos, which swirled and vibrated around me.   However, I had my headphones on listening to music preparing for the Yoga Boogie Winter Stolstice Shake Down, and I was texting with several people co-ordinating rides and directions.  I crossed the busy street only half paying attention (read: not really pay attention, at all).  As I neared the other side of the street I looked up and I was startled to see a stopped van waiting for me to cross. I scuttled quickly to the sidewalk recognizing the nearly potential distaster that I had just avoided.  I got dressed for class, and went upstairs to teach my class.

My theme for class that day was "three days of love," and I told the story that I wrote last week about how quickly my mood of love quickly turned to scowling judgements of the women who weren't paying attention in front of me at the coffeeshop.  After class, I was talking to a man who just recently started coming to my class.  He thanked me for class and then said, "Your story was perfect for me today because as I was driving to class there was this idiot talking on his phone and texting and not paying attention as he crossed the street and I had to stop in the middle of the road.  I almost ran him over."  I looked at him for a moment before I asked, "Were you driving a gray van?"

We both paused before we totally cracked up.