Leave The Roots On

Dec 5, 2018
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“These Days
Whatever you have to say, leave
the roots on, let them
And the dirt
just to make clear
where they come from”
-Charles Olson

This is how I’ve been living my life these days. As many of you who follow me know, this past month has been rough. And I haven’t been trying to rose color it or make it pretty. It’s been one of the hardest things in my life to let the roots dangle and the dirt to show. This kind of honesty has been the grace that has allowed me to be deeply present for my life, to build the kinds of friends and community that I want, and to transform the knot of shame into powerful authenticity.

Ironically, touching the depths of all this shame, anxiety, and suffering has brought me to the lip of a kind of happiness I can’t explain. It has delivered me into being present on a moment to moment basis on what is right here, right now. Isn’t this what yoga teaches us? To be present?

There is a misconception in the yoga & spiritual world that suffering is bad and peacefulness is good. But isn’t the real instruction to be present for whatever shows up? This is where true, deep, honest happiness exists.

Suffering is going to happen. Loss is an inevitable outcome of love. The world is still a beautiful place. Being available and present for all of it is the practice. Then the transformation happens in its own way and in its own timing.

May we touch the root of who we are and may we be present for ALL of it.