Hey Fat Girl!

May 11, 2015
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Hey Fat Girl!  LuLuLemon Fails Women.

The average size american woman is a size 14 so when I recently read that LuLuLemon only makes women’s yoga pants up to size 12 while making men’s sizes in up to XXL I felt angry.  I wanted to find out for myself if this was actually true so I went on to LuLuLemon’s website.  Sure enough, they only make women’s sizes up to 12.  

In my frustration and disbelief that a company that supposedly supports yoga would blatantly shut out a significant portion of women who practice yoga I opened up a live chat with someone who works at LuLuLemon’s customer service department.  I called myself "Sarah."  When “Debbie” suggested that I try their men’s clothes I lost my ability to stay cool... 

Here’s the transcript from that conversation:

Please wait while we find an Educator to help you. 
An Educator will be with you in a moment.
You are currently guest number 1 in the line.
You have been connected to Debbie.

Debbie:  Hi Sarah.

Debbie:  I see that you're wondering about yoga pants today.

Sarah:  Yes

Sarah:  Am I not seeing the other sizes?

Debbie:  Our current sizing run is from 2-12. With that said, our sizing can be different than other brands, and we determine our sizes by the measuring around the body, rather than height and weight. You’ll find that using the size chart can give you the best sizing information. Have you seen the size chart?

Sarah:  I have. I am 14 sometimes 16. 

Sarah:  Not sure I feel comfortable ordering a size 12.

Sarah:  How come LuLuLemon stops at size 12?

Debbie:  We welcome everyone in our community into our stores and love to celebrate the creation and completion of health and fitness goals. Our product and design strategy is built around creating products in our size range of 2-12 for women and S – XXL for men. Currently, we are focused on continuing to innovate our products and expanding our business internationally in the years ahead.

Sarah:  So. xxl for men, but not for women?

Sarah:  That's typical of our culture. Very disappointed that LuLuLemon has succumbed to this. 

Debbie:  I'd be happy to pass along your feedback that you'd like to see options in larger sizes. If you're comfortable with trying men's clothing, then I can see if there are any options that might work for you. That's up to you. I do know female educators here who buy men's clothing, but everyone has their own comfort levels.

Sarah:  Yes, please pass it along. In the meantime, I am grossed out that LuLuLemon is for skinny women. That is NOT yoga. That is just typically American misogyny. 

Sarah:  I can't believe it. Hey fat girl, how about try on the men's clothes since we don't serve your size.

Sarah:  Sorry. I will NEVER buy from you.

Sarah:  Pass that along.

Sarah:  Good bye.