Frog Pose & Surrender

Jun 6, 2018
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Frog Pose : Mandukasana

“Surrender is the simple but profound wisdom of yielding to rather than opposing the flow of life.” – Eckhart Tolle

This is my practice. Surrender.  It is profoundly and surprisingly difficult for me.  To be fully present to what is happening right here, right now; to attend to the natural rhythms of life; to flow with the current of the river.  In those enlightened moments when I stop resisting what is actually true in the moment, I feel more powerful.  When I unarmor my heart, even just a little bit, there’s more love available to give and receive.  When I give up trying to control the things around me so that i feel safe, life is more spontaneous and joy flows more easily.  It is in surrender that I am stronger, happier, more successful, and more influential.  When I control, hoard, grip, and push truth away i weaken my spirit and suffer more.

It seems that everyday I am presented with ways I can choose to hold tightly out of fear or let go gracefully.  I don’t get it right a lot of the times. I practice and i practice and I practice. Somewhere inside of me I know that that’s all there is.  Practice.  There’s no final destination.  There’s no achieving perfection.  There is just the slow, beautiful, and difficult practice of opening the heart, letting go of attachments, and seeing the world as it is.

Mandukasana is one of the poses that requires so much surrender and presence.  My hips don’t move easily into this pose.  But I do it.  I stay.  I listen. Some days my eyes tear up with an unnamed emotion.  I continue to stay.  Afterwards I like to take pull my knees into my chest and just be there for a while.

What is your pose that requires surrender?




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