Death as a Reminder of Joy

Sep 23, 2017
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This morning I took class with Michele Loew at The Yoga Space. As always I walked away with that sacred hum vibrating through my body that both grounds me and expands me. As we moved through a beautifully woven practice of pranayama, meditation, and asana I was reminded of the ephemeral and infinite nature of life.

When I had my Toyota Tacoma truck I glued a skull on the hood. Besides it making me look really badass, it was a reminder that some day that would be me. Death is inevitable. It helped to keep me in the pleasure of being fully aware in the present moment. It was a symbol of joy for me because knowing where I was eventually going made me live life to fullest in each moment.

As I was decorating for halloween yesterday I pulled out all of my skulls. There are a variety of sizes and colors. Some are even covered in glitter. I placed them around my apartment. Now, maybe more than ever before, I feel the importance of living fully present for everything that shows up right in front of me.