After : Mark Nepo

Sep 23, 2018
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After the Iliad, the Odyssey,
after the break, the being broken,
after the bondage, the wandering in the desert,
after the softening loss, the trail back to the beginning,
after the inner Iliad, the inner Odyssey,
after the clouding, the clearing,
after the clearing, another clouding,
after the the dark tumble, the light,
after the light, another darkness,
after the blindness, another blindness,
after holding on, the sweet letting go,
after narrowing, the fall,
after sinking, the rising,
after rising, another sinking,
after falling in, the surprise,
after everything, nothing,
after nothing, everything,
after the crucible that is you,
the world.

Mark Nepo,  Reduced to Joy