Sacred Tremor is translated from the ancient Sanskrit word Spanda, which is defined as sacred vibration or the creative pulsation of the universe; this sacred vibration exists within all of us and all around us.

Sacred Tremor is a celebration of spontaneous and expressive movement that ignites the creative pulse inside us all. When we focus our attention on the things that uplift our spirit we connect to the unseen source that inspires health, vitality and joy.

Sacred Tremor invites you to experience your innermost desires, follow your curiosity and indulge your sense of wonder as you attend to your body’s natural rhythms.


Roger McKeever, eryt-500, is the founder of Sacred Tremor. He is an inspirational teacher, storyteller, adventurer, spiritual activist, and artist. He is known for demonstrating the transformational power of yoga. He is playful, intuitive and grounded; his instruction is challenging yet nurturing.

With his passion and natural talents for storytelling, Roger’s classes and workshops are known to cultivate a deep personal experience for those attending. His ability to offer heart warming, as well as humorous narratives, brings a dynamic balance. He enjoys diving deeply into yoga philosophy, mythology, and history all the while making the stories relatable and enthralling.

Roger leads many continuing education workshops for teachers, and he is part of several yearly Yoga Teacher Trainings and Advanced Trainings where he enjoys fostering the passion of other yoga teachers. He also leads retreats and workshops around the world.

As a spiritual activist, Roger guides us to the persistent call from within to make more art and make more love.