Recently I got to sit down with one of the members of our Queer Yoga Church community, Kip Pettigrew. Originating from Dinwiddie County, Virginia- a small county with under 28,000 people total, he’s settled well into Portland by way of two degrees from MIT. Kip seems to be a man of interest and mystery to me. An Aries fire sign who chose Satan from the sixth book of the “Incarnations of Immortality” series as the character most like him. “He’s not necessarily a bad person, he just has a job that needs to be done. The equation balances itself out.”

When asked how he identifies he stated, “Non-linear” and then clarifying, “it’s just a nerdy way of saying queer. As far back as high school I’ve been non-linear. Dinwiddie County didn’t have words for being queer. I liked He-Man and Thundercats. I also liked She-Ra and Cheetara. Somewhere around Fraggle Rock things got complicated and I let it go”

Portland is a much different scene than his roots. “No one cares here. I can do what I want to do.” Kip found himself at Queer Yoga Church. “I love the people… and the instructor! I can relate to the diverse group of people around me. In a lot of other classes I’ve been the only man. And especially the only tall, broad shouldered, black man in the room. In Queer Yoga Church I can look around and see other people I can relate to.”

He’s been practicing yoga for about 4 years and claims his favorite pose is Warrior II because it feels stable, “Like my compass needle just rests there. When I’m practicing, it seems I just naturally find myself in that pose. Always coming back to it.” His least favorites move towards handstand and chair pose. “Fuck chair!”

This fire sign has a lot of mystery about him as well. He confessed his strong fascination of the bullwhip and described it as something that is elegant, beautiful and also requires mastery— kinky too. Seems fitting as I talked more with Kip.

Just for fun I asked him his most embarrassing moment to which he said in 8th grade his mom found his porn collection! She said to him, “I looked at your collection and was really hoping you’d have better taste.” Kip most recently brought his mom to Queer Yoga Church when she was visiting. Let’s hope she didn’t say the same after meeting us!

When asked about how he occupies his time outside of QYC, he states he really enjoys run- ning and gardening. “Also, I write” he said. Upon further conversation he shared he has written five books. One of which has been published and another in the next year. So my final question seemed like a natural one: If he were to write a memoir, what would the title be. “Definitely ‘Confessions of a Confidant.’ Because I’m the kind of guy people tell their deepest darkest secrets to. I’m a safe box.”

Make sure to introduce yourself to Kip next time you see him at Queer Yoga Church. You may even want to share a secret or two with him.