Wednesday, 12 July 2017 - Wednesday, 16 August 2017
6:00pm - 8:30pm

YoYoYogi | 1306 NW Hoyt St.

July 12:
The Art of Adjusting
Roger McKeever


When physical cues are not enough yoga instructors have an opportunity to guide their students with physical adjustments. Some hesitate knowing how to enter this personal and intimate technique. When done properly it can help students find their own strength, sense into their bodies and perhaps enter into a pose deeper than they could have done on their own. This art is an important technique for teachers to be equipped with. Come learn ways to do it properly without causing discomfort or injury. 

July 19:
Walk the Talk:
How to embody your teachings and live in the flow

Tori G. Newburn

Our practice does not end when we step off the mat or leave the studio. The teachings remind us that the full practice of yoga is how we relate to self and others, how we move and breath, how we settle into stillness and concentration, and ultimately how we find greater ‘union’ beyond self. In the midst of these crazy, beautiful contemporary times, our off the mat practices might seem more challenging than we’d like to admit. Join Tori G. as we discuss the importance - especially as teachers - of embodying the teachings on and off the mat. She will provide tools, insights, and some sweet simple shifts to your routine that will guide you toward living in the flow during all points of your daily life.

July 26:
Intelligent Sequencing
Galen Fairbanks


Learn how to create sensical, safe, and effective yoga classes one pose at a time. Galen will demystify the art of sequencing by diving deep into the arc structure of a yoga class, breaking down the anatomy of posture families and energies of the subtle body. We will then apply these ideas to distinct sequencing structures, giving teachers the tools to create logical and creative sequences.

August 2:
The Art of Storytelling
Roger McKeever


While some shy away from this use of storytelling, others prefer this as a way to connect the asana to a deeper heart meaning for their students. Entering in storytelling as an expansion of a class theme deepens the experience for students as well as adds some fun! Learn some stories and how to concisely share them as an important part of your class practice.

August 9:
The Language of Yoga
Roger McKeever


Come back to where it all began. The ancient language of our trade can often seem daunting and sometimes confusing. Using sanskrit in classes shows a deeper connection to the root of the practice of yoga. When you start to understand the deeper meanings of the words and how they have been simplified in translation you can start to expand your ability to teach a pose in a new way. 

August 16:
Still Points
Using stillness and meditation in your vinyasa practice

Tori G. Newburn

The duality of opposites is an essential part of the practice of yoga - motion and stillness, effort and effortlessness, external and internal. As teachers, incorporating still points and moments of meditation into your practices invites the gaze of students and self to shift - creating the perfect ‘counter pose’ or moment to the movement of a vinyasa sequence. Join Tori G. and she teaches you how to skillfully guide your classes to include moments of pause and integration in the midst of the flow. Not only will this nurture your growth as a teacher, but it will allow your own practice to connect to the deeper currents and the flow of all things.

Saturday, 17 February 2018 - Saturday, 24 February 2018

Xinalani Retreat, Mexico.  Only 12 miles south of Puerto Vallarta International Airport (PVR)

Tucked on the side of a mountain and nestled in the most beautiful of beachside jungles lies a place so magical that you can only reach it by boat. Steep yourself in the most heartfelt culture of true connection. Explore. Relax. Engage. Travel with Roger and Adria to the Southern Shore of Banderas Bay for 7 nights at a beautiful eco-friendly, beachside retreat. Experience a week of transformation, healthy eating, good laughs and wholehearted adventure. Unplug from your busy life and let your soul shine bright! This tropical getaway invites you to let go of the world for a while and connect to yourself.  Each day will begin with morning yoga practice, meditation and philosophy contemplation/discussion, and the day will end with an integrative evening practice. Watch the whales, swim with the dolphins, experience a healing massage and take the time you need to make this trip more than just a vacation. All accommodations are oceanfront. All meals are fresh and locally grown with vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options. Aho my friends.

Daily Schedule:
-Wake up every day for a morning Sadhana to invigorate the body, quiet the monkey mind, and soak in the energies of nature.
-After breakfast you are free to unplug in whichever ways feel best for you. Lunch is served and the afternoon is free to adventure on your own, or enjoy group adventures-- whale watching, spa treatments. horseback riding, snorkeling, a trip into town etc..
-The day ends with an evening practice to restore your soul, a delicious meal amoung friends and laugther and a night sky full of stars. Let the open air and sounds of the ocean lull you to sleep.