Ok.  So this week’s episode of The Spandananda Show was wicked fun to make and totally life changing.  It took three very long days to film, edit and release, which included at least 10 costume changes.   But it’s really been in the making for a long time because I’ve been in a deep process around what makes me come alive for the past few months.  This episode is really the culmination of many different aspects of my life all brought into one dazzling 8 minute video.

Ram Das said that we are in alignment when everything we think, say, feel and do all line up.  I’ve had moments, brief moments, when that has been true in my life, but honestly, it’s mostly been momentary glimmers of it.

So, I sat myself down and contemplated.  (It wasn’t really as simple as just sitting. I stood, I drew, I journaled, I walked, I thought, I meditated, I talked about it with friends, etc..) Finally, I listed the things that were important to me, and I realized that the things that are most important to me all fit into a few categories:  being in nature, creating art, moving my body, adventure, and quiet time to contemplate.

At any moment in my life, if I’m in a rut or some kind of funk, I can choose something from this list to turn that rut into a groove. Please watch this video, and even more importantly, make a list for youself of what inspires you.